June Makeup 1:1s

I have had countless requests for makeup play time, ‘try before you buy’, makeovers, girls nights in, etc, in the Charlotte/ Huntersville/ Mooresville areas! And I am SO excited to be able to help introduce you to some fantastic makeup and maybe a few new techniques! So here is how we will tackle that scheduling back and forth dance.  Request your time and what type of event (one on one vs girls night in get together etc) you’d like by looking at availabilities and requesting your time via the calendly link below! First come first served. 🙂

OR, maybe you don’t want to host a girls night in? Just want some help finding your match of products/routine? I’m booking Virtual Beauty Assessments –> fill out this form here: https://goo.gl/forms/wvFNodntjw1N6vTx1

play with makeup 

If for some reason the widget does not load, please click here to head to scheduling. Thank you for your interest in some makeup one on one or group events with me! Looking forward to sharing these fabulous products and some techniques I have learned with you!

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