The Beat Drop: June 2017 #2 SPIN

This playlist feels so summery to me, so if you’re somewhere experiencing summer right now, (or even if you aren’t!) enjoy! Heavy dance vibes towards the end, so have all the fun!



Hello – (128 BPM) gentle saddle surges

Summer – (140 BPM) 70RPM HP2 standing jog vs HP3 climb:

HP3 mod climb @ 1:10-1:35 then jog until HP3 climb at 1:50-2:17 then jog until HP3 climb at 3:01-3:30 jog until climb +R HP3 3:42-4:10

Find me – (142 BPM) 71RPM mod saddle climb add R ‘this feels good right here’ (0:52, 2:14) if the music moves you out of the saddle for your climb, go with it.

Keep me from you – (144 BPM) 72 RPM base. mod saddle climb w/ short surges (+10-15rpm) over ‘to keep me keep me from you’ chorus (1:01-1:15, 1:57-2:23, 2:51-end)

Dem fraid – (130 BPM) keep climb from last song, add Resistance transition to standing HP3 climb 65RPm with beat drop 0:58 Keep beat rpm. At 1:29 back to saddle, take off a little Resistance. Out at 2:28 add Resistance. Saddle 2:58 keep R thru end

When the lights go out – (160 BPM) light mod climb. 80RPM maintain throughout. Jog at 0:49. Saddle 1:14. Jog 1:37 add R. Saddle 2:01. Jog +r 2:26. Climb at 3 +r to end.

Still falling for you– (123 BPM) AR. 62RPM OR 123 RPM, your choice but stay consistent. Light-mod Resistance. Soft surges over chorus optional. After each chorus add a light addition of resistance to prep for next drill.

Diva – (146 BPM) JUMPS! keep mod R, 73RPM. Find the sass. Jog for bridge diva. Saddle verse.  Jog when the beat adds back in. Last minute every 8 count change move from stand jog to hp3 to middle handlebar hover. If you don’t like the hover or the hand hops, guess what?? don’t like it? don’t do it. 🙂

Born this way– (124 BPM) climbing baby! Find beat. Slower (62RPM). Add R listen to me when I say,,, 2:43 saddle climb. Back out at 3:17 to end

Bring that beat – (128 BPM) sprints 1:00-1:45, add R 2:40-3;25. Load for a light climb to finish with 64RPM.

L’amour toujours– (130 BPM) strict timer drills 20:20 saddle climb vs climb at 3 all at 65RPM smooth transitions. If song moves you, add R. Don’t stray from timer. Mind body drill. About 6 rounds of the drill.

Calabria – (128 BPM) 64 baseline RPM, hand hops 3-2-midhover find the number of 8counts that moves you and go. If the beat gets you going, add R and keep with what you’re doing with your hands. Stay focused!

Party til we die –  (128 BPM) Baseline is a light jog at HP3 64RPM, add in Saddle SPRINTS goal is 130RPM #1 0:37-1:07, #2 1:37-1:52, #3 2:07-end

Ecuador – (130 BPM)start with saddle AR. at 0:50 come to HP3 light R 65RPM, 1:21 ISOLATE the movement until 1:50 maintaining the 65RPM, jog it out at HP3 maybe add a little more R, Isolate again at 2:50- 3:18. jog it out at HP3 thru end.

Walk – (145 BPM) load at 73RPM. So here’s an option that I don’t throw in very often.  If you want to try some push-up tap-backs, go for it, just please do so responsibly and make sure your weight is centered over the bike — do not topple over the handlebars.  Over the 1st chorus, add 2 pushups, 2 tapbacks per 1 8 count. Then 2nd chorus 1PU 1TB  (2x per 8 count). Last chorus your choice just PU, just TB or whatever you’d like.  If you don’t like these options, have a freestyle work song at whatever position you feel you dislike the most (meaning you need help and to work on it).

The Way I are (I wanna dance with somebody) – (186 BPM) Active Recovery track. keep RPM at least 88+ start peeling gears off and bringing HR down.


Hope you enjoyed this ride!



DISCLAIMER: Please note that while I make every effort to capture and present these indoor cycling class / Spinning class profiles accurately, the class profiles and class descriptions posted on this blog do not constitute complete instruction for teaching the indoor cycling class / Spinning class.
No statement is made to the suitability or otherwise of the indoor cycling profiles presented on this blog. Care must always be taken when riding an indoor cycle. Please, consult your physician before starting an exercise program.
The indoor cycling class / Spinning class profiles presented are not meant to be exercise and/or personal recommendations, but only examples of workouts that the author completed in the past. The owner and authors of these cycling class profiles will not be responsible or liable for any injury, illness or death resulting from the use of the information contained in this article.

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