Tip Tuesday: What the heck is Baking?

Do you try to pretend you know the makeup trends? I do sometimes. Brows on fleek? Sure! Bake my face! yes please.. apple! .. just kidding, ha!

I do the ‘hard work’ of learning about the new trends, and report to you, so you don’t have to try to figure it out on your own!

So, Baking…┬áHere’s how it’s done: After applying foundation and concealer, use a damp makeup sponge to pat a thick coat of powder on areas that you want to look brighter. Try underneath your eye, along the top of your jawbone, and down the center of your nose, chin (places where you’d ordinarily highlight). After letting the powder sit for five to 10 minutes, dust it away with a fluffy brush.

I tried the ‘baking’ under my eyes on 3/14 (aka Pi Day), as I think I’m the most ironic person to walk the planet. lol.

Why do we do this? The layer of translucent setting powder sitting above your skin, actually allows the makeup underneath (usually a lighter colored concealer) it to soak into your skin thanks to the warmth of your skin between the layers and achieve a more ‘set’ look, allowing your makeup to look absolutely perfect all day long!

Now watch me play with some translucent setting powder, concealer to highlight, and show you a fantastic magic trick!


Stay tuned for all the information you’d ever need on how to find your perfect concealer/foundation match.





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