The Beat Drop: Shuffle Spin Vol. 1

Have you ever put your iPod/iPhone on shuffle and just gone with the flow? I usually don’t, unless I’m just in the car…I like to have control over the songs that are coming up and the effort level/beat escalation in the songs… however, when I decided to try this roulette type of playlist shenanigans, it was a day I was in D I R E need of some active recovery… so, I linked up my wireless Beats, and hit shuffle.

The whole entire time it was rather interesting and I definitely broke out into giggles frequently.  The playlist that ensued couldn’t have depicted the RANDOM tunes that I have accumulated over the years any better.

really, you get the best of both worlds…

This Shuffle Ride was actually a LOT of fun and taught me to relax and just react!

Let me just preface the following playlist with the fact that it is 100% NOT safe for kids or to listen to at work. Faint of heart, be ware of the Gucci Mane, the Nikki Minaj, the dirty Enrique, and the Rick Ross…



The ride notes are VERY summarized because I literally made notes on my phone as I rode with how I reacted to the songs given to my by the Shuffle Gods… it’s highly unlikely you’ll want to ride this, but if you are so inclined … have fun!


Together – 95 rpm wu

Lion king – start a mod saddle climb 85rpm add R at 1:30 2:29 sprint to 3:00 add R saddle or HP3 climb

Learn you inside out – maintain rpm saddle endurance 98rpm

We got the party –  load a climb in the saddle with the beat. 0:36- 1:10HP3 keep R. Out again at 1:42-2:18. Out again 2:32-end add r.

Blackout – keep climb, find beat. 70rpm. Come out at 1:14-end!! Add R at 1:00out or at each time it says ‘if you get turnt up..’

Magnetic – saddle surges over chorus. Keep it challenging. Baseline greater than 75. Start surge ‘take me to a place I know…’ add resistance after each surge. The sky is the limit!!!!

Kamikaze – keep slight climb. Load at 75. Come to jog at 0:36, take to hp3 to surge at 1:01 add R if you need it. Saddle 1:15, jog 1:37, hp3 surge at 2:02, saddle 2:14, jog 2:38, surge hp3 3:02-end.

Tonight – saddle find beat 65 add r. Tonight I’m loving you out to hp3! Isolate for Luda

She be puttin on – 75 rpm base. Stay in the saddle. If you feel it, maybe bring hands to center of handlebars and add little elbow bend oblique crunches over 2R-2L x2 then 1-1.

The night is still young – base 70 add R as needed prep for coming out 0:30 hp3 to jog hp2 isolations cut rpm in half over chorus ‘the night is still young’. Repeat hp3 v hp2 isos.

Never let you go – AR flush out the legs. 105 RPM SUSTAINED. 115 for chorus.

Boneless – 65rpm Move to hp3 0:30.

Shake – standing hand hops over chorus every brrrrtt move. Freeze wherever you are at verses. 75-80 rpm settle in.

Mc hammer – 70-75rpm PU-TB IF YOU WANT.  Elbows wide. ‘My gun dirty..’ 2-2 2-2 2-2 2-2 (1-1)x8 after 8 8s of pu tb, settle in saddle climb or hp3. ISO for Gucci 2 8s on 2 8s off.

TPain up down – heavy climb 50rpm. Every round of ‘Up down’ move from hover to hp3 standing.

Beyond the sea – Cool Down. peel off gears focus on deep breaths.


Have you done a shuffle workout before? I’d love to hear what fun songs came up!





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