The Beat Drop: August 2017 #2

Going a little out of order with my planned playlists as we head in to AUGUST… How did that happen, how is it already August?! Anyways… This August #2 playlist is just the thing we need to send summer out in style. They’re like killer mellow songs.  Sounds like a strange combination but you’ll get what I mean when you hear them. I think it may be my absolute favorite playlist I’ve made yet full of sing-a-long worthy songs! Bonus? That means the ride will be that much more enjoyable! 🙂

Before we get into the playlists and ride profile, I wanted to address something that’s been going around. Personally, I think it’s a scare tactic to keep people away from booming businesses in the fitness industry. Yes, let’s address Rhabdomylosis.

You’ve probably seen the article(s) I’m referencing. A guy went to his very first spin class, went TOO hard, too fast, didn’t listen to his body and probably also didn’t know what he was getting himself into. He shared his scary instance of onset of Rhabdo and it’s circulating ‘spreading the word’ ‘forewarning’ people of the ‘dangers’ of spinning…

Spinning, and more specifically SoulCycle, got thrown under the bus HARD.

So, what is Rhabdo? Rhabdomylosis is a condition in which your muscles break down, releasing myoglobin into the bloodstream. Well, no problem, right? We have kidneys to filter our blood. Wrong. The kidneys can’t handle myoglobin and in turn start to shut down — leaving dialysis the only option to filtering blood. Scary right? You’d be correct. It’s so scary! But the thing is, spinning or any hard workout is not going to cause this if you are exercising responsibly. The onset of rhabdo can be inconclusive as well — resulting from unknown viruses, too.

I want you to keep exercising and not being afraid of this happening to you. Now, that doesn’t mean to go balls to the wall relentlessly upping your weight or resistance to extremes. This would fall under the not exercising responsibly category. So the next time someone asks you to join them in spin class, you say YES! Let me fill up my water bottle in preparation now!

Hydrate, listen to your body, and go leave your comfort zone behind!

Check out my Facebook Live on this topic, here.

End. Rant.



Now for the part you came here for! The ride profile and playlists!



The Ride!

No Worries – Warm Up. Start in the saddle, little surges of RPM periodically, do not exceed 115 RPM.  Increase Resistance slowly. Start at flat road and add until you find a resistance you’d be comfortable at for a standing jog (next track).

Mask Off – (75 RPM) Jog @ 2 vs hover over the saddle (hands at HP3).  REMEMBER, if the hover is not your jam, DO NOT DO IT.

Gotta Push On –   (75 RPM MAX) SLOW saddle climb. Starting into the resistance drills of this ride.  Find the RPM and add Resistance until it is challenging.  Stay consistent with RPM and resistance through the whole track.  Feel free to come out to HP3 over the chorus or if the song moves you.

First Time –  (90 RPM) active recovery.  Find a challenging resistance to keep 90 RPM at, stay consistent the whole track.

Summer – (128 RPM) Keep the resistance from the last track.  Sprints at the beat drops (‘when i met you in the summer…’). Do not exceed 130 RPM.

Despacito – (62 RPM) 45 seconds saddle climb, 45 seconds standing climb HP3.  Repeat through end of song.  Make the climb a challenge.

There’s Nothing Holding’ Me Back  – (122 RPM MAX) Active Recovery Sprints over the chorus. (‘oh i’ve been shaking…’)

Here comes the fun! Endurance climb through the end of the ride. YASSS!

Like Satellites – (65 RPM) This track starts into the endurance climb portion of this ride.  load a challenging resistance at 65 RPM, but make sure it’s not too hard of a climb.

Bibia Be Ye Ye – (65 RPM)  continue endurance.  OPTION this track to come out to HP2 or HP3 for 20 second intervals to give your booty a break from the saddle.

Cut to a Feeling –  (57ish RPM)  add a smidge resistance to adjust to RPM change.

Paradise – (63 RPM) keep resistance from last track.  option this song to come out of the saddle for 20 second intervals to give your booty a break from the saddle.

Firestone – (57ish RPM) add a touch resistance.  OPTION to come out when Kygo drops the beat. back to the saddle when it flattens out.

Beggin For Thread – (61 RPM) This song starts pretty mellow, but incites some power (at least it did for me).  There’s something about the sultry sound of this song that makes me feel sassy and strong.  Enjoy and react as you’d like.  Stay in the saddle though. Next track is a climb out at HP3 to the top of this grueling mountain.

That’s what I like – Finish off this ride with a pumped up climb out of the saddle for this entire last track.  You do you – add resistance, add RPM as needed to finish strong. 🙂

Cool Girl — Cool down. USE THE WHOLE SONG. do not stop pedaling until you’re fully convinced you’re a ‘cool girl’ and you’re a cooled down human.



I hope you enjoyed this ride! Come back next week for the next installment of ‘The Beat Drop’.





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