The Beat Drop: Pyramids & a Playlist

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The Beat Drop: June 2017 #2 SPIN

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The Beat Drop: Spin 5/24/17

You’re sitting there, looking for motivation to get your booty moving, get working on your fitness, clean the house, what have you… Any time you’re lacking motivation, some fantastic music never fails to get the blood pumping and help get you on the track to success – whatever success may look like to you.  

It’s so interesting to me how musically driven my life has become, now I thrive on it and must have some sort of strong beat pumping in the background to get me through the day.  Must be all that Pure Barre and Spinning in my life!  No surprise from the info at this source (here) that music can have a therapeutic effect on those with neurologic disorders [read: ADD/ADHD, etc], and that this source (here) says our hearts sync with the beat and react accordingly allowing us to ‘feel’ the music.  I don’t know about you, but this fascinates me and makes me SO excited to share with you the beats and the playlists that get me going and that I’m loving, filling your ear holes, and your hearts, with amazing vibes.

Without further science-y ado, here’s this week’s playlist!! 

Here’s the Apple Music playlist. (all tracks are ‘clean’ version!)


    And here it is in a Spotify playlist.  (please note, some are EXPLICIT!)


Now, for those of you interested in the ride that accompanies this fantastic (if I do say so myself😉) playlist, feast your eyes upon the glory:

*note, I will be referring to Hand Positions as HP#, if you need more information on what these mean, please review the spinning positions guidelines or message me. happy to help! I’ve written this as if I was talking to a fellow instructor, so keep that in mind. 😁*

Go – (125 BPM) a nice warm up, utilize every second of this first track to warm up the body and ‘brace’ for what is to come sprints and climbs! Adjust cadence and resistance as needed, can also add in some gentle surges of faster RPM towards the end — I had them add 10-15 RPM, staying in control of their speed (I suggest around 100 RPM with light resistance/flat road for a warm up with surges no greater than 125 RPM –  but also pushing themselves mind & body.

Handclap – (140 BPM) let’s get the party started! Everyone loves hand clap! This track, come out of the saddle to jog at HP2, 70RPM. Switch to HP3, 70 RPM, over the verses. Or, you can Hand Hop (get it? 😉) as you feel with the music.  LAST 40 SECONDS SURGE +RPM.

Go Off – (170 BPM) Strict moderate saddle climb.  Strict RPM – with beat, so 85RPM. Talk to them about how it may not be ‘challenging’ over a level 6 of perceived exertion, but it is challenging their bodies to maintain the strict RPM over the course of the whole track.

Express Yourself – (108 BPM) We doubled the beat on this one and maintained around 100 RPM for a faster drill. Add sprints of +20 RPM (no faster than 130 RPM!) at time stamps of 1:20 – 1:37, 2:56 – 3:20, Sprint it out for the entire last minute of the song.

Impossible – (124 BPM) Sustained out of the saddle moderate climb at HP3 for the duration of the song. Sustain a 60ish RPM (range from 60-65 is ok).  Add Resistance addition 1/3 and 2/3 of the way through the track. Great time to add some motivational cues, talk to them about ‘impossible tasks’, etc.

Never Be Like You – (120 BPM) Sustained seated climb at 60 RPM up until 1:28 time stamp, then take the climb out of the saddle to HP3, adding more resistance at time stamp 2:02, at time stamp 3:40 take the climb back to the saddle without adjusting the resistance through the end of the song.  Talk to the song title — Never be like you, no one is you and that is your power! Be relentlessly you… the song also talks about only being human and making mistakes.  talk to that, feel the strong vibes this rendition of this song brings and speak to the music!

Honey Sweet – (110 BPM) Intermission style active recovery! Light resistance, maintain a moderate heart rate for the work that is to come.  Maybe keep with the song at 100-110 RPM adding in a few soft RPM surges – maybe adding 5-15RPM periodically for 20-30 seconds. Talk to perfecting form, readjusting, grab water, towel off, recalibrate the brain, etc.

Swish Swish – (120 BPM) Baseline RPM of 60 moderate saddle climb. Saddle surges after ‘swish swish bish’ until chorus ends. Have them feel the sass in the song. maybe harness some stress they have and push through it. Have them let it all out during this song and then that’s the end of it. Their stress exists no more after this song.

Starboy – (186 BPM) Sustained cadence was around 50-60 a VERY slow steady saddle climb to start it off then at 0:57 into the song, bring the climb out of the saddle to HP3 until 1:19 at which back to the saddle you go, sustain the cadence and resistance.  At 2:10 come back out to climb at HP3 until 2:22 when you go back to the saddle until the last transition out to a standing climb at HP3 from 2:43 to the end.  With this TRANSITION drill, reiterate how important it is for form to float up (instead of pulling the handlebars) and relax down (without plopping).

Something About You – (110 BPM) Active Recovery! I let them choose their resistance – above flat road – and their RPM which must stay consistent the whole song and be above 80RPM. Prepare them for the last 3 working tracks of class!

Bodysnatchers – (167 BPM) 0:30 Standing run @ HP2 vs. 0:30 Saddle work, repeat through end of the song. Again working on transitions.  Also let them visualize ‘high knees’ on the run as the RPM is a smidge on the faster side at 80-85RPM. Resistance is where they can manage without feeling like they are fighting gravity too much on the run.

Scars – (149 BPM) Set them up at 75RPM baseline, they choose their resistance. I call this drill ‘Roller Coasters’ as I have them move to a position on my command. Making sure transitions are still respected and form is tip top. If they don’t like the drill, I give them a modification, which you can choose per your group.  I move them around from standing jog @ HP2 / standing @ HP3 / if the handlebars have a middle section I take them there / then saddle work.  I base it off the music when I change them, ranging from 2 8-counts, to 4 to 8, depending on how the song feels. Keep them on their toes & tell them to feel it like a dance, react!

Killin’ It – (130 BPM) Last track! This was a surprise when I taught it this morning, I forgot I added it to the playlist and I’m so glad I did! We truly killed it! Have them match the beat and feel the ebbs and flow of the beat – 65RPM moderate saddle climb, adding resistance as the song vibes move them.  Bring them out to climb at HP3 at 1:58 into the track, add a touch more resistance at 2:25 stay there until 2:57 when you bring the climb back to the saddle – have them sustain their resistance at all costs!  Last round of hard climb out of the saddle at HP3 starts at 3:42! Add the last bit of resistance of class at 4:26 and kill it through the end.  Talk to them about all the hard work they put in all of class and this is the cherry on top! Finish strong, champions are made in the last minutes of class even when the beats aren’t there (at 5:00 the heavy beat drops out, stay with the work!).

Don’t Kill My Vibe – (150 BPM) Cool down! Have them pedal around 80-100 RPM with a touch over flat road resistance for 3 minutes, talk to them about the song, the title … they just put all that hard work into this ride, into their fitness, their vibes are so strong right now, don’t let anyone kill your vibe as you live your life today/tomorrow/ever. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and I can feel that your tribe is pretty awesome today!  Talk to them about their heart rate and the purpose cool down has for them — bringing their heart rate down is like landing a plane, has to be gradual and controlled. As they are ready, release resistance on the wheel, and once HR is down, start the stretch.

It Ain’t Me – (100 BPM) finishing out stretch, some awesome Kygo beats. my fav! 💕you’re welcome. 


*RPM data unless it is said to be derived otherwise was determined by using this equation: RPM = (BPM/2)
*Additional BPM data for your spotify playlists can be found here.

So, there’s some fab beats and drills for you to try on your own or with your cycle/spin class! Keep the vibes strong, powerful, and positive, my friends. Make sure to share with friends who may love it, and even follow along on my social medias @sydneydelucchi for all the fun stuff!




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