The Beat Drop: Renegade Ride

Welcome to a blast from my personal past as a Spinning Instructor.  I love giving my riders something to think about while the lights are off and they’re pushing their minds and bodies to the limits.  There’s just something about the vibes in the room when it goes black, and all you hear are beats, and breaths. Continue reading “The Beat Drop: Renegade Ride”


The Beat Drop: Pyramids & a Playlist

Continue reading “The Beat Drop: Pyramids & a Playlist”

The Beat Drop: Russian Step Drill & a playlist

I LOVE a timer drill. There’s just something about being able to hit ‘start’ and not worry about keeping up with the intervals, BUT still spitting all the motivation to my riders as I can.  (This drill I’m about to share is also super awesome and rather clutch, if you ask me, if you need a quick 30 minute, grueling workout  — just do a warmup +2 rounds of the drill). Continue reading “The Beat Drop: Russian Step Drill & a playlist”

The Beat Drop: June 2017 #2 SPIN

This playlist feels so summery to me, so if you’re somewhere experiencing summer right now, (or even if you aren’t!) enjoy! Heavy dance vibes towards the end, so have all the fun! Continue reading “The Beat Drop: June 2017 #2 SPIN”